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Congratulations - You’ve just found one of the coolest spots around for leading culture, brands, innovators, artists and creatives like yourself.

We are a powerhouse of leading this next generation of culture, economy and entertainment.

It’s no fluke you’re here; you’re exactly where you're meant to be.

Here at Lightmakers, we’re all about bringing together the best of the best. Our community ensures that everyone who joins adds something special. And yes, that includes you!

Whether you’re aiming to smash your financial goals or looking to expand your creative horizons, we've got your back. You can dive into our unique events, communtiy and courses —spaces where innovation and creativity meet practicality and action.

What’s next? Enroll in the Consistent Client Formula to automate your sales systems, apply for our community and get access to unique and fun events with over 1M+ to 150M reach, apply to work with us to elevate your brand and stay relevant in a crowded marketplace.

Act now, not later. Lightmakers isn't just any community. It’s a forward-moving, trend-setting hub of creatives, influencers, brands and entreprenurs. Spots here are coveted and they don’t open up often.

Claim your spot and make your mark. Let’s see what amazing things we can do together.

Excited to get started? So are we!

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"Working with Karen from Lightmakers has been a transformative experience. Her character is unparalleled - she is compassionate, empathetic, and genuinely cares about her clients' success. Through her coaching, she has helped me unlock my true potential and guided me towards achieving my goals. I am forever grateful for Karen and Lightmakers for their invaluable support."

— Founder/CEO Photographer

What is Lightmakers

Lightmakers is all about bringing together the leading edge tastemakers, brands, influencers, creatives, and innovative business owners.

We're here to help you connect, learn, and work together through fun events and courses, both online and in person.

It's the perfect spot to meet new people and boost your skills! Join the Lightmakers Community by enrolling in the Consistent Client Formula, Apply to the Membership, or email to inquire about sponsorships.

Who can join the Lightmakers community?

Best decision of your life because we are certain you will find the insights, connections and events you need to take you to your next level results.

Join the Consistent Client Formula: Dive into social media and client relations to start earning passively. Perfect if you're all about smart strategies and digital growth.

Become a Member: Get exclusive invites and connect with top pros. Ideal for anyone eager to collaborate and grow personally and professionally.

Partner with Us: Got a brand that fits our vibe? Let's chat! Email us at for potential collabs.

Can't wait to help you navigate our community and hit your goals! ?

What are the benefits of becoming a Lightmakers member?

Besides having access to a network of heart centered, caring, authentic humans that will help you achieve your goals - members of Lightmakers get access phenomenal perks that will provide extreme value in the short term and change the long term trajectory of your life and businss:

- Event Exposure: You can join exclusive events that reach 1M to 150 million people, giving your brand a huge spotlight.

- Curated Connections with wealth family offices, investors, rising entertainers, influential creatives, and people committed to excel.

- Intentional Community Building: We bake authentic connections into the ethos of our community. It is not just about hosting events, providing valuable expert insights, or even helping you make money faster - it is about understanding your needs and delivering experiences that directly address your most urgent interests.

- Strategic Introductions: Get direct access to key decision-makers to help grow your influence and business reach in the membership.

- Hard to Find Educational Opportunities: Take courses and workshops that are relevant real time, completely tailored to your needs. Suggest what you need most now and we will help connect the dots.

- Collaborative Projects: Work together with other top professionals on projects through our exclusive member platform.

These benefits are all about helping you meet your professional goals and making sure you're part of a thriving and supportive community.

Are Lightmakers courses and events available online?

Yes, we offer both online and in-person courses to accommodate the diverse needs and locations of our members.

Can I collaborate with other members on projects?

Absolutely! Unlike many other events and membership communities where collaboration can be challenging, at Lightmakers, we intentionally make collaboration a core part of our ethos.

Our secret sauce is unmatched because we build into the ethos of our community, authentic connection opportunities. Instead of going to an event and never continuing a relationship with those you meet, we provide pathways to build on your connections for life changing and transformative relationships, events, and courses.

I am a brand. How can I work with Lightmakers?

Working with Lightmakers can take your brand to the next level!

Picture your brand at one of our high-profile events, directly engaging with an excited, targeted audience providing real-time feedback.

After the event, we'll boost your visibility with over 1 million impressions, helping you reach new customers and partners.

RUN don't walk to this opportunity - email us at to discuss how we can collaborate. We're excited for your future!

I am an artist. How can I work with Lightmakers?

Joining Lightmakers as an artist opens up fantastic opportunities, including:

Collaborations: Connect with industry leaders and fellow creatives, opening doors to new collaborations and projects.

Exposure: Showcase your work at our exclusive events, gaining visibility among an engaged and influential audience.

Skill Development: Benefit from workshops and sessions that enhance your creative and professional skills.

Brand Collaborations: Partner with renowned brands through our network, expanding your reach and portfolio.

Interested in these benefits? Apply for membership at Lightmakers and let’s explore the amazing possibilities together! Send us your ideas or portfolio to We can't wait to see what you create! ?✨

I am a business owner. How can I work with Lightmakers?

For business owners, Lightmakers offers access to a network of innovative entrepreneurs and industry pioneers. Membership provides opportunities for business development workshops, exclusive events, and strategic partnerships that can propel your business to new heights. If you're looking to enhance your business and want to get started right away, please apply for membership to join our community and contact for any other inquiries.

What unique, one-of-a-kind experiences has Lightmakers been a part of?

Lightmakers has been a key player in creating unique and impactful experiences:

Brand Partnerships for Massive Reach: We've teamed up with various brands for events that generate over 1 million impressions, boosting awareness and engagement.

Exclusive Artistic Events: We hosted events at Kanye West's secret studios, offering an intimate setting for creatives to connect.

Community of Cultural Leaders: Our members include Emmy winners, Michelin star chefs, and bestselling authors, providing unmatched networking and collaboration opportunities.

Tailored Cultural Events: Our events go beyond networking, celebrating member achievements with exclusive book signings, private cooking sessions, and industry panels.

These activities highlight our dedication to offering extraordinary opportunities for our members to connect with cultural and industry leaders.

I do not fall into one of the specifically listed niches (such as artists or brands). Can I still join Lightmakers?

We encourage you to apply!

We value diversity and fresh perspectives.

We review every application individually to ensure a perfect fit for our community. Can't wait to see what you bring to the table!

How do I get started with Lightmakers?

Ready to dive into the Lightmakers vibe? Here’s the scoop:

- Consistent Client Formula: Master social media and client relationships to boost your passive income. Perfect if you're all about leveling up and crushing your digital game!

- Membership: Score exclusive invites and connect with our dynamic mix of entrepreneurs, creatives, brands, and influencers.

- Partner with Us: Got a brand that vibes with us? We’d love to connect! Send us an email at

Can't wait to see you!?

Client Testimonials

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Tanya Murguia


I can't recommend Karen and Lightmakers enough. Her coaching has been a game-changer for me. Karen's character shines through in every interaction - she is patient, understanding, and always goes the extra mile to ensure her clients' needs are met. With her guidance, I have been able to overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and make significant progress in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Karen, for being an incredible coach and mentor.

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Kelley O'Keeffe


Karen and Lightmakers have been a true game-changer for my business. Karen's character is unmatched - she is a powerhouse of knowledge, expertise, and inspiration. Through her coaching, I have gained invaluable insights, honed my leadership skills, and implemented effective strategies that have propelled my business to new heights. Karen's unwavering support and unwavering commitment to my success have been instrumental in my journey. I can confidently say that working with Karen and Lightmakers is one of the best investments I have made for my professional growth. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Karen and Lightmakers. You won't be disappointed.

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Mark Joshua


Karen and Lightmakers have had a profound impact on my journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Karen's character is a beacon of light - she radiates positivity, encouragement, and wisdom. Her coaching style is highly effective, as she combines deep listening with strategic guidance to help her clients unlock their full potential. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Karen and Lightmakers, as they have truly transformed my life for the better.




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